I don’t think Policewomen wear this…


Battle Royale?

Ooh, seriously I love everything by Edelweiss… it’s all extremely well sculpted/textured and everything seems to include lots of little extras.  The school uniform that I bought from them comes with just about a billion different ways of wearing it (long sleeves, short sleeves, with sweater, sweater vest, jacket closed, jacket open, loose collar, closed collar, bow or tie option, lots of different socks, and the ability to change the texture between about 14 different plaids on the bow and skirt).  I feel like I got about twelve outfits instead of just one- it was totally worth it…

(Then, naturally I had to get their school bag which is fantastic and has lots of great animations for carrying it, and I’d already purchased their PJ’s which include two different sleeve lengths and three different pant lengths… and they’re really adorable.)  So yeah, I love Edelweiss.  ❤

Yay, more clothes!

Trying to find something to wear to a friend’s wedding… I kind of love the giant hair bow with this dress.  *_*