Have had SO much fun shopping and putting new outfits together lately!  ^.^



Oh my gosh!  I found one of these while browsing food vendors in Harajuku … and IT IS SO MUCH FUN.

I am inevitably going to drag everyone I’ve ever met in SL into one and take tons of obnoxious photos and decorate my little skybox with them. *___*

I think I might have to buy one, except they’re 44 prims, but they’re SO FUN.

Aaaand a picture with Tanabata decorations – YAY!  I’m so excited about it! ^____^

New skins

New Pose

Oh yay!  Figured out how to make poses and animations!

Field of sparklies

I had way too much fun running around SL today taking pictures… I have been completely preoccupied lately with learning to make clothing.  My google-fu is weak, I feel like if I could get 3dsmax or zbrush to work with SL (which apparently some people can, I’m just incompetent?) I’d be good to go.  Back to practicing my google-fu!

Photo taken in the China Tang Empire