Yay, more clothes!

Trying to find something to wear to a friend’s wedding… I kind of love the giant hair bow with this dress.  *_*


Aw, sad that I’ll be missing the fun with Nippon today – but I got a silly outfit for it anyway and since I’m a sucker for taking pictures….



New skins

New Pose

Oh yay!  Figured out how to make poses and animations!

Field of sparklies

I had way too much fun running around SL today taking pictures… I have been completely preoccupied lately with learning to make clothing.  My google-fu is weak, I feel like if I could get 3dsmax or zbrush to work with SL (which apparently some people can, I’m just incompetent?) I’d be good to go.  Back to practicing my google-fu!

Photo taken in the China Tang Empire

七夕 (Tanabata) Plans!


By the Geisha House

By the Sparring Area

Here is a possibly not-so-brief outline of my thoughts for the Tanabata Matsuri!  I was sort of wondering where we’d put it?  I had the thought that perhaps we’d add something new for each of the seven days of the festival – so people could come back and see the change if they were so inclined.  It would be great if there was a place by the shrine to do it, but Shadow’s right there – so I guess the practice area is the best place?  But doesn’t that sort of mean that we can’t really leave anything set up there for more than a couple of hours without getting in the way of people who want to spar?  x_x  Since so much of celebrating Tanabata seems to be about strolling around and viewing decorations/going to vendors and stuff, it would be really nice if we could leave some things set up for the duration of the festival… so maybe beside the Geisha house would be better?  @_@

Tanabata Info Board*

*Tanabata Info Board:  I thought it might be cute to put this at the entrance-y area of the festival.  The notices (or image of notices) can change each day of Tanabata and can contain the schedule of events and info for the Haiku contest – also festival decoration freebie things, like those tanzaku – and I have a little potted home bamboo tree with tanzaku and decorations in it too).

Here is the outline of the possible schedule (I changed some stuff around… please let me know if you think this is a good thing or a bad thing! x_x):


Tanabata festival begins!
Sale of cards, and giving tanabata festival items
Horrible Haiku contest begins

Treasure Hunt/Riddle/Puzzle Game begins (one new clue/piece is given each day of the festival- you must visit each day to collect all of the pieces!  Am still working this out in my head x_x)


(It’s very unlikely that I will be able to be online for more than a few minutes on Saturday and Sunday u_u as I usually have RL work to do…)  I was thinking maybe we need some sort of other tournament-y type fighting game thingy… >_>  I’m not really into that but it seems like a lot of other people in Nippon are, so it would probably be good to have. ^^’


Morning RP and Fortune telling – Please come to the festival in character!  Try your hand at the goldfish scooping game ‘Kingyo Sukui’, snack on dango, takoyaki, unagi, and other treats, or have your fortune told for you!


The story of Tanabata – Orihime and Kengyuu


Family Day – Love isn’t just about couples, today is specifically about children, friends, and family
Fortune Telling
Couples tournament


Picnic in the battlefield and trivia contest


The final day of Tanabata!  This is the day when a bridge of birds is supposed to allow the two lovers to meet – unless it rains.  In which case, they have to wait until the following Tanabata.

Winners of the Horrible Haiku contest are announced!

河漢 おどり – “Kakan no Odori”
Dance over the River of Stars (I think it means more like, The river of the Milky Way’s Dance … but it sounds better the other way >_>)

I thought we could decorate the festival area to have a starry magical looking dance area… maybe a cute little pergola/gazebo with magpies or something- (I’ve looked around a bit but then got distracted looking at vendor stuff) @_@ – and encourage people to wear their formal kimono or yukata or what not.


I don’t know if Chrys-dono would be interested at all… and I know it’s Noh and not Geisha (what with men playing all the roles in Noh typically x_x), but there’s a famous play which takes place during Tanabata called Sekidera Komachi (which actually sounds really depressing… >_>)  but I mean, if the Geisha and Maiko of Nippon had any interest in performing during Tanabata I’m sure that it would fit in nicely -!  Otherwise I will come up with another event to fill the space.  ^__^


Watagashi Maker – (this isn’t really… period appropriate… but it’s adorable and super fun so I had to buy it anyway >_>  It’s a Japanese cotton candy maker… it gives you a stick and you stand there and it spins the cotton candy around the stick and then you can walk around the festival and snack on cotton candy. ^^”  )  And it’s only 5 prims… so I didn’t think that was bad either. ^^’

Kingyo Sukui

Kingyo Sukui – Apparently no Japanese festival is complete without this game!  The ones that I found in SL and xstreet were very… modern looking and sort of goofy.  So I made one to match Nippon better.  Kingyo Sukui is the goldfish scooping game- you get a little paper… thing… it’s called a ‘poi’ but it’s basically just a piece of paper held on to a piece of wire and a bowl and you’re supposed to try and scoop goldfish out of the tank and into your bowl.  Apparently it’s very tricky since the paper is thin and tends to break- you take whatever goldfish you catch home with you to be your little Kingyo friends. ^^

The banner for Kingyo Sukui ^^'

(It’s still.. a work in progress >_> I still need to make it look like there are fish in the tank and make it look pretty… I just haven’t had time yet. ^^’ )

Fortune Telling – I thought we could have a little tent set up for this- if there are any miko or other shinto people (or really anyone I guess!  But apparently it’s something that miko usually do- I figured I could ask around in the shinto group and see if anyone was into it?) who would like to do it during the festival then that’s great!  Otherwise I’ll just schedule myself to do it a few times during the festival.

Dango Vendor -YAY!  Who doesn’t love dango?  This vendor gives you various colored dango on sticks to walk around the festival with and snack on.  Yum.

Yum, noodles!

Soba Vendor –  It’s sort of a fishing for noodles thing… I’m not sure how sanitary that is, but people sit around and make smalltalk while fishing noodles out of a pool and scooping them into their own bowls to eat.

Unagi Vendor, Candied Apples, Takoyaki Vendor, Pulley Game, annd…. I think there were a few others… are other Japanese themed festival activities that I’ve found vendor stall things of in SL – I’d really like to add Takoyaki because I love Takoyaki *_* but there isn’t much time before the festival!  So we’ll see how it goes?

My whole outline is still rough, I wanted to know what you thought about it and then I’ll go back through and make it into something more presentable and less… scatter-brained.  ^^’

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